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Does your real estate website appear in the major search engines? If not, you're missing out on serious amounts of web traffic and thousands of dollars in lost transactions. Research confirms that over 90% of home buyers use the Internet as their first source to search for real estate information. The major search engines are usually the first place people conduct a search. If your website isn't found on the first few pages of the major search engines, it'll be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Search engine positioning is an ongoing process. Real Estate Surfing uses proven methods to continuously promote our search engine friendly pages to the major search engines to ensure optimum placement. These methods include manual submissions to key search engines and directories, link popularity, and keyword placement.

Spending time and money on your website but not having it found by those searching for it on the Internet is like spending thousands of dollars on a designer suit but never ever taking it out of the closet! Who'd want to do that?

The search engines are a real estate professional's best friend as they produce targeted traffic. Think about it for a second -- you're attracting prospects who are searching for "your-town real estate". The only other method that comes close is advertising in the local newspaper but think of the cost, plus the paper's only good for a few days before it's recycled.

Even if you advertise your website in the paper, no one's likely to remember your domain name. Instead, when they sit down at their computer, they will type in "your-town real estate".  And don’t forget about out-of-towners who don’t get the local paper. To sum up, top search engine positions create targeted prospects around the clock for far less than traditional advertising costs.

Aside from exposure, Real Estate Surfing acts as an exclusive referral network. With just one agent per area, our members can confidently exchange referrals with each other on a regular basis. This in itself is well worth the membership fee. You will also receive a monthly newsletter loaded with tips and techniques to increase your online real estate business and free year round Internet consulting.


Membership -- $97 set-up & $35 per month

Our service is available to only one real estate agent per area so you're guaranteed exclusivity. Your listing includes your photo, company logo, a description of your services, contact info and a link to your website. There's a one time charge of $97 to get you set-up and a $35 monthly fee. Any additional changes or updates you require (ie. new photo, changing a cell phone number) are done for free. Best of all, there's no contract so you're able to cancel at anytime.

This isn't just another website but rather a page which is continuously submitted to the major search engines linking directly to your site. There's simply no other service that even comes close to what we have to offer!  This investment will likely pay for itself many times over.  There's only one spot available on a first come, first served exclusive basis so hurry and secure your position before your competition does.

For information on Real Estate Surfing, visit our FAQ's or send us an email and you'll be contacted within 24 hours.



"I've had a personal web site for almost 2 years now and enjoyed very little success with it. Since joining Real Estate Surfing, it's been like somebody turned on a switch. The lead generation from my web site has gone from between 2 and 5 hits a month to a good lead almost every single day. I can directly attribute over $10,000 in earned commissions to Real estate Surfing already this year and it's only May! Thanks Russ for solving the mystery of web site performance, it's the best $35 a month I've ever spent!"

Chuck Gulyas - Remax Real Estate
Lethbridge, Alberta -- 1.800.883.2801

ruth bowes

"Real Estate Surfing has allowed me to grow my Internet business by helping to promote my website which has produced a steady stream of excellent leads ever since I joined. I monitor where my business comes from and am happy to report that many of the leads have turned into sales! This would not have been possible had it not been for your directory!"

Ruth Bowes - Royal LePage Royal City Realty
Rockwood, Ontario --

"I have been receiving many leads from my website lately and after a little detective work, I realize it is all because of you!!!! I don't know what you have done, but somehow your link to my site has been popping up near the top of the list. I've written two contracts this month from internet leads and will probably be writing another in the next few days. Whatever it is that you are is working! Thanks a bunch."

Jane Davis - Prudential Carolina Real Estate
Wilmington, North Carolina -- 910.256.0032

pickering realtors

"I was very skeptical when I first joined your directory but I have to say that your service has given me many excellent leads which have turned into pay cheques! I would recommend anyone who is contemplating this to "go for it". It has generated a lot of business this year for me and I am very happy with the results!!!"

Michelle Makos - Sutton Heritage Realty
Pickering, Ontario -- 416.300.3004

"I have had a tremendous year and while I work a very good referral business, your magic with the website has kicked me into overdrive. I've already had closings from website leads, have several more scheduled and I am working with many others who plan on buying later on this year. I am getting new leads almost daily at this point and have had to hire an assistant! I really can’t thank you enough for the boost you have given my business. I intend to be a client for a very long time. Please feel free to use me as a reference as I would love to tell anyone else about my experience."

Phyllis Brown - York Simpson Underwood
Durham, North Carolina -- 1-866-499-0779

"When I started my career in real estate 3 years ago, my goal was to do as much of my business online as possible. Since signing up with you, my leads have increased dramatically! I have received 8 "serious" leads in the past 12 days! These are leads where I did not make a phone call or knock on anyone’s door....they were leads that came to me via my website! All I can say is...thank you...thank you...thank you! Because of you, my dream of doing business online has now become a reality!"

Maureen L. Marsiglio - Royal LePage North York Realty
Newmarket, Ontario -- 1-866-773-9595

kelowna bc realtors

"I signed up with Real Estate Surfing last year. It worked so well that I soon after added the Vernon spot as well. Since last October, I can trace at least 6 transactions to Real Estate Surfing and I'm working with several more prospects who will likely soon turn into clients!"

Bo Skapski - Century 21 Assurance Realty
Kelowna, British Columbia -- 250.869.0101

“The Real Estate Surfing directory has been an invaluable tool when it comes to driving traffic to my website. I can directly attribute several transactions to this service and will gladly recommend it to other real estate agents. Keep up the great work Russ!"

Rob Golfi - REMAX Escarpment Realty
Hamilton, Ontario --

"I received 3 calls last week from people who found me first while searching for "windsor real estate". One of them ended up buying the second home I showed them (it closes in just 3 weeks). This is business I would never had were it not for my positioning on the web! Many are moving from out of town and appreciate the assistance in smoothing out the details. This is ad $,s well spent. Way to go Russ for providing such good value. As of the end of June, I'm half way to doubling my sales volume."

JoAnne Muegge - Remax Preferred Realty
Windsor, Ontario -- 1.800.565.5955

"I just wanted to take a moment to pass on a big thank you for helping my website reach top status. Without the help of Real Estate Surfing, my website would be like most of the other agents out there -- no where to be found! Thanks so much for helping me build my online business."

Mona Cockburn - RETIRED
Fredericton, New Brunswick

"Thanks for helping me get my website out there. I've already made my money back ten times over! You truly deliver results!"

Don Nicolson - Remax Twin City Realty
Cambridge, Ontario -- 1-888-REMAX-01

"Your system works well and your search engine placements are extremely good. My congratulations -- I am very satisfied with your services. I've already sold 4 homes from the leads generated and plan for many more in the future!"

Mike Halley - Remax Realty Specialists
Guelph, Ontario -- 519.837.1300

red deer alberta realtors

"This service has been instrumental in helping our website achieve top ranking status. We're currently receiving over 40 leads a month. Our real estate business would not be what it is today without your help. Thanks so much for everything!"

Leigh-Ann Johnson & Carrie Giffen - Coldwell Banker Ontrack Realty
Red Deer, Alberta --

"I am impressed and pleased! You're a great guy to do business with! Thanks again so much, I hadn't expected anything so soon. Appreciate your efforts, especially on a holiday weekend."

Anne Russ - RETIRED
Brantford, Ontario

"Just a short note to thank you for keeping me in the top of the list on the web search. I had an inquire this weekend from a client that was impressed that I came up as #1 on the list under Wasaga Beach real estate. As you know, email and website information is critical today, and I thank you for helping to improve my business."

Chad Campbell - Coldwell Banker Trinity Realty
Wasaga Beach -- 705.429.4800

"I just wanted to say a big fat “THANK YOU”. Since I signed on, I’m receiving between 4 to 6 leads a week! Anyway, just thought I’d share my gratitude. Thanks for having me on the top of the Bolton list – I ain’t letting this go".

Victoria Kaye - RETIRED
Bolton, Ontario

Don't Be Like This Guy -- Act Now Before It's Too Late!

"Man am I kicking myself for not latching onto you when you fist contacted me a couple of years ago. I figured I could do it myself back then as I was likely more computer aware than anyone in our office. I figured it was a scam. Only one agent allowed -- yeah right. My co-worker took the plunge and I challenged her by calling you the next day to sign up. You said I was too late. Only one agent per region and now I am eating crow. LOL. Needless to say, she gets more hits and contacts than I ever dreamed possible. She has made quite a few sales from her site while smartass me gets nothing from my web page but a tax write off. I commend you on your success and the success you are bringing to your roster. I have just finished reading your newsletter and I am looking forward to future publications. As you know from being in this racket, we all know what we are suppose to do, we just need reminders now and then."



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Waterloo, Ontario

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